Facts about Childhood Illnesses

11 Facts about Hand Foot and Mouth 
  1. Hand Foot and Mouth outbreaks are most common in the warm summer months and early fall.  
  2. Sores can develop on the trunk of the body or other body parts besides the hand feet and mouth area.
  3. Children are contagious a few days before the sores will develop.
  4. If your child is in school or daycare, they will not be allowed to return for 5 to 7 days or until all sores have healed.
  5. Children pass the virus through saliva, fecal matter, nasal and throat secretions, and open blisters.
  6. Even after the sores have disappeared, the virus can remain in the child’s fecal matter for several weeks.
  7. It is very uncommon for anyone over ten to contract the virus because they were probably already exposed to it.  If you weren’t exposed it is possible to even contract it as an adult.
  8. While the most common cause of HFM is the coxsackievirus A 16, it can also be caused by other enteroviruses.  If you come into contact with one of the more rare viruses, you can contract HFM again.
  9. Aside from the sores, symptoms include fever, sore throat, irritability, muscle aches, and excessive drooling.
  10. The sores and rash on the body are not painful and will not itch.
  11. There is no treatment for hand foot and mouth aside from managing the symptoms.  Typically remedies include Tylenol for the fever and cold drinks or topical treatments for mouth sores.